Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tips to Avoid Cracked Feet

1) Don't put pressure (weight) on your feet. i.e don't stand on your feets for a long time.

2) Avoid walking on a hard surface.

3) Use proper shoes.
  • Don't use the hard and thin soled shoes, go for soft soles.
  • Don't wear open backed shoes.
  • Use a heel cup when wearing shoes.
4) Apply moisturizer twice a day.

5) Use a pumice stone to remove the flaky skin.

6) Diet

Friday, April 18, 2008

Free Heart Surgery

Is your child in need of heart surgery? Are you out of money to perform a heart surgery on your child? Well here is one good news mostly to the residents of India. It has been observed that it has been difficult for the parents of children who require heart surgery to collect the operation or hospital expenses. But an institute in Bangalore (INDIA) with the name Shri Satya Sai Institute Medical Sciences performs any type of heart surgery free of cost.

Following are the details of the Insititute.

Address :
Shri Satya Sai Institute Medical Sciences, E.P.I.P Area, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066, Karnataka, India.

Telephone : +91 - 080 - 28411500
Fax : +91 - 080 - 28411502
Email : adminblr@sssihms.org.in

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Diabetes Mellitus - Basics you need to know regarding Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease nowadays. It has the medical name of Diabetes Mellitus. It is a disorder which involves the pancreas specially the beta cells situated in the islets of Langerhans. It has two types or two major groups. Type I (IDDM) Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus is the most common childhood disease. Thus it is called as Juvenile Diabetes. The other type is Type II (NIDDM) Non- insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.

The primary problem with these disorders is by the act that the body cannot regulate further the blood sugar of the body. In controlling type I diabetes you need the continuous shots of insulin due to the damaged beta cells of the body. Thus, body cannot secret insulin. For Type II, diet modification and a healthier lifestyle is a key to get rid of diabetes.

The Type II Diabetes has the following triad to know whether a person is diabetic. Poylphagia – is excessive hunger, polydipsia is excessive thirst and polyuria frequent urination. Diabetes in general is a serious disease and has very fatal complications. This might involve the heart, the kidneys, eyes and the blood vessels as well as the heart. The growing global concern to address diabetes is so alarming. The social and economical impact of the disease has crippled several families and the society gets unfit for employment.

The first and primary way to address the disease is to accept it that diabetes is in you. It takes a lot of lifestyle changes to be able to manage it. Thus before deciding to fight diabetes, check how you go about the course of treatment. It does matter a lot.

For more information, visit Diabetes Blog

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goji Juice and Other Powerful Superfoods

While indeed some of the aptly named "superfoods" like alfalfa sprouts, asparagus, ginger, spirulina, almonds, hazelnuts and many leafy green vegetables have been fairly successfull at making the news and are therefore well known by many observent people, there also happen to be a few other key superfoods which are likewise very important. Some of these may assist in reducing bad cholesterol levels, reducing the possibility for heart disease & stroke, limititing high blood pressure and even improving one's overall mental state. One superfood in particular that you may be glad to hear about is ever-popular chocolate. Made from the cacao bean, it is really chock full of antioxidant power and can even lower blood pressure in some specific instances. It is important that you search for for chocolate that has at least a 60% cocoa content. Broadly speaking, the darker the better. You may have noticed a pattern of the darker colored foods such blueberries being particularly rich in the free radical destroying antioxidants. On top of all that, the darker the chocolate is, the lower the fat and sugar ratio is. Salmon, and especially wild salmon is another superlative superfood which has many amino acids and other nutrients.

But the apsect of salmon that sets it apart from many other nutricious foods is it's fatty acids. Salmon, like some other fish but better than most, is extremely high in the long chain omega-3 fatty acids known as dha and epa. Studies in greenland during the 70's showed that native greenlanders had a remarkably low incidence of various forms of hear disease despite a diet that was quite high in fat. The researchers attributed this low incidence to a diet which was rich in marine oils. Additional, Icelanders were rated as having the longest life span of any people on earth in the latest recorded statistics. Iceland is famous for having a diet that is very high in fish. Another superlative superfood happens to be the modest little red goji berry, from which goji juice is actually made from in general.

Goji juice may actually be the best possible option for getting the most benefit from this unique food item, since it is wholly active with a high concentration of essential polysaccharides, which are basically the "master molecules" your system requires to rejuvenate each day for optimal health. In addition, these particular polysaccharides are only found in goji You can find all the relevant information about goji juice at goji juice and they have a movie on this juice, telling about all the wellness benefits. You don’t need to search for Goji juice in the market, it is online available for you at Goji-planet.com.

Information wrote by primeryder of goji-planet.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tea After A Meal

We will take care of what is the effect of drinking a cup of tea after a meal. Does a cup of tea after meal benefits us or affects us. Many people have the habit of having a cup of tea after a meal.
However I received an email not to do so, because tea leaves contain a acid in high quantity.The acids hardens the proteins contained in the food, which eventually makes it difficult for digestion. So I thought to give it a closer look and I ran into an article on hystersisters.com which adds te following benefits to drinking tea after or with meal.
  1. A study has shown that black tea taken with heavy meals help to reduce the heart attack by increasing the antioxidant levels and blood flow.
  2. It was found to prevent spinal fractures in women with Osteoporosis.
  3. The tea contains some environmental substances depending on the region where it is grown such as fluoride and aluminum, which can be beneficial and vice versa as well.

For detailed article see Drinking Tea after a heavy meal.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cold and Alcohol

IF you think drinking can cure cold then it is time to reconsdier your thoughts. Be it brandy or a whisky taken along with hot water and lemon, which most of the world thinks is what doctor orders.Now we can think it over how can a inebriation(mild) can relieve you of the cold, flu symptoms. But it is not yet medically proved if alcohol is able to kill the germs of
flu and cold. Instead alcohol is said to increase dehydration.

There were two studies conducted on how resistant are people who drink moderately to cold. Following are the results
First study was conducted on 391 adults. The result said that those who drink moderately were more resistant to cold, the only exception to this being the smokers.
Second study was conducted on 4300 adults. It was found that those who drink 8 to 14 glasses of wine per week were at 60% less prone to developing a cold.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Middle Age Woman Fitness

Today we will see some information on exercise of a women who are in age group 30, 40 and 50 and want to follow the exercise routine according to age. Age is an important factor in women's because with age there are changes in a female body and needs a suitable fitness exercise.

Exercise for women of all age groups.

1) Dancing
2) Yoga
3) Simple and meditative exercises
4) Swimming
5) Regular Walking

To Stay Fit at Age less than 30
Consider the age of a women to be around 28. At this point BMR ( Basic Metabolic Rate ) of a women is high. No fat is deposited in the body and joints too are not stressed. In such a condition any type of exercise is great for the body.

To Stay Fit at Age from 30 to 40
This is the age when BMR drops and the bones need calcium intake from a women. Weight training and cardio also serve more benefits at this time.

To Stay Fit at Age from 40 to 50
At this age fat starts to deposit in the lower region of the body. Bones are weakening. There is change in hormones dur to the perimenopausal stage. The best exercise during this time is weight training and cardio. One must also increase the intake of vitamins and mineral supplements in the diet.

To Stay Fit at Age from 50 onwards
Basic metabolic rate falls down further and menopause sets in. Exercises that can benefit at this stage are a lot of cardio, light weight training and circuit training with Yoga.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Heart Attack at the Age of 32.

Recently my brother in law was unfortunate to get a heart attack. Can you imagine what is age is? Just 32. Can you guess why this happened to him? He says its a result of not having food on time.

Else he is perfect. He eats a lot but with at no fixed time. He is not a drinker nor a smoker, neither does he do drugs. So does not eating on time can lead to a heart attack. Well let me give you a brief picture of his last 7 years.

He was working as an insurance agent and used to work 24*7 to sell the policies. He did pretty descent there and after 3 years he got into another business and then back into the Finance with mutual funds and technical analysis. But the stress and race for money and get to the top remains the same. He used to travel on bike and usually used to skip the food. Last friday he consulted a doctor for chest pain and did the ECG work. Doctor advised him to get admitted but this hero left the hospital for home. The next day which was saturday he experienced severe chest pain but again ignored it as he had done the ECG later that day he also started to getting it harder to breathe and this was the time when everyone rushed him to the hospital. The doctor said he has suffered severe heart attack. There is diabetese in his medical history and yeah these people are more suspected to diseases.

We are to do Angiography and Angioplasty on him. Will keep you updated about his status, and write some article about Angiography and Angioplasty in further posts.

Suggestions : Take care of your lifestyle. Plan your schedule. Eat on Time. Sleep Well. Stay Healthy.