Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things Which Are Not Told About Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric gastric bypass is a surgery to loose weight in case of people who are facing a problem of morbid obesity and have a BMI of 40+. This post is intended to those who have already made their decision or are thinking of undergoing a gastric bypass surgery to unfold some of the facts which might not be told by surgeon before undergoing the surgery. Or it might happen that a surgeon guides you through everything but we might skip a point or two by not taking a instruction in a proper sense or meaning. Read on to find what are those things.

Taste Buds can Change
Though change in taste buds is a natural process a lot of people who have undergone the surgery complain that what they used to like before the gastric bypass surgery is disliked by them post surgery. A gastric bypass patient might have planned for keeping a nutritional diet based on the food he or she liked before the surgery. But post surgery the thought of the then liked food can make them nauseous.

No more medicine in capsule form
Though the surgeon when undergoes your medical history prior to planning the gastric bypass surgery, will be known to the medicines that you take daily. But if you are not under any medication then the surgeon might skip telling you that you can no more take the medication in capsule form. The medicine which are extended release need a long time to sit and get processed in stomach. After a gastric bypass it is highly unlikely that anything will stay that long in the patients stomach as the stomach pouch is much much smaller and you have to fill it up with the nutritional diet which is a must after gastric bypass.

You will have to fight the shock of food you eat
Generally the people who undergo a gastric bypass surgery have a not to mention heavy diet. Though a patient is aware that post surgery he or she will have to cut down the diet to almost nothing, it does take a emotional turmoil on the patients when they actual start following it post gastric bypass surgery. A patient may feel not so energetic and loss of muscle strength. The first few months of gastric bypass surgery are really a test as the people in love with food have to give up for nutritional food and it feels like you are eating just to live.

Tip : Please consider these factors as well and get them verified from the physician or surgeon suggesting the gastric bypass surgery to you.

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