Monday, August 1, 2011

Dark Color Urine

As we all know Urine is one of the byproduct produced by kidneys to be excreted by the body. Generally urine is colorless, amber or pale yellow in a normal person. However any other color maybe symptomatic to some disorders. Regular health checkups and in some clinical visits we are always asked to provide urine samples for urine analysis. In this post today, let us see what would be the different colors of urine point us to.

Colorless Urine
A male or female has Colorless urine because of the presence of excessive water in the body. In medical term this is termed as over hydration. Though considered to be a much better condition than dehydration, some of essential salts which are present in the body are lost due to over hydration. Drug test can give unsure results if a person keeps on drinking a lot of water. Just read on wiki that this is considered to be a potential attempt to hide the presence of drugs in one's blood stream.

Dark Yellow Urine
This color of urine indicates dehydration. One should increase the water intake in such cases till the urine color returns to normal i.e. pale yellow. It is also observed that holding a urine for a long time can give it a dark yellow color.

Orange Color Urine
Urine color can range from light orange, orange to dark orange. Light orange color urine indicates that the body is losing a lot of vitamin B while a orange color urine is caused because of certain medications. Dark orange color urine can be a symptom of disorders like jaundice, rhabdomyolysis, Gilbert's syndrome.

Red Color Urine
Eating of beets can give a pinkish, reddish color to the urine. This is generally harmless coloration of urine and won't last for more than a day. If you want don't get away with it in a day or two, consult a doctor as this color of urine may also point toward a disorder called Porphyria.

Greenish Color Urine
Greenish color in urine can be result of consuming asparagus in more than normal amount. The main reason behind greenish color of urine is excessive intake of vitamin B through diet.

Before going for a health checkup or doctor drink a glass of water, just in case your urine sample is required.

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