Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reasons for Itching

For past two days, I have been itching myself throughout the body. I wonder why and took the web route for flourishing some facts about the reasons of itching. I suppose the reason of my itching to be the soap I use for bathing is changed for last couple of days. So have anyone of you been through the same situation and think the reason to be same as mine. Haha. Well I guess no and here are some of the reasons which can cause you Itch all around.

Reasons for Itching
1) Dry skin. Yes I do have a dry skin.
2) Contact with irritants such as soaps or synthetic substance like wool. (Yes, I guess I am write about the soap thing).
3) Hives
4) Insect Bites
5) Sunburn
6) Rashes
7) Aging skin
and some more are mentioned here.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Hookah Smoking Health Risks

Hookah these days is a little on the higher side these days, with people thinking of it to be fruit flavoured and nicotine free and thereby under estimating the hookah smoking health risks. Consider the following points to get more insight into what are the health risks involved in Hookah Smoking.

1) Many youths thinking of it being nicotine free. Recently it was tested in the Indian laboratories and nicotine was found to be one of the elements of hookah risking the health to the same hazards from cigarrate.

2) Hookah smoking is just like 50 times more injurious to health, as one sits for hours smoking hookah which indirectly has the effect of approximately 50 cigarettes smoked, says one of the social worker and activist against Hookah parlours.

3) Also smoking a hookah one inhales 100 times more smoke than in one puff of cigarette.

4) Besides nicotine, Hookah also contains high amounts of carbon and tar, which risks you further to various diseases.

5) If anyone is not aware of it, then just to mention hookah smoking releases many toxins from the water pipe and are a major of cause of heart diseases, lung cancer and many other diseases.

6) Hookah smokers risk other's as the smoke released is the way for people around to be prone to passive smoking and so to the hazards of same.

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