Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soruces of Vitamins

I would like to dedicate this post to sources of vitamins. I will keep updating the sources whenever I get to know them. If you know vitamin sources let it be any vitamin, please make an effort to post it in a comment. I will try to research the source and add them to the chart of vitamin sources.

Sources of Vitamin A

1) Brocolli
2) Sweet Potato
3) Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Sources of Vitamin B1 ( thiamine)

1) Watermelon

Sources of Vitamin B2 ( riboflavin)

1) Kiwi

Sources of Vitamin B3 ( niacin)

1) Banana
2) Watermelon

Sources of Vitamin B5 ( pantothenic acid)

1) Oranges
2) Bananas

Sources of Vitamin B6 ( pryidoxine)

1) Watermelon

Sources of Vitamin B9 ( thiamine)

1) Spinach
2) Corn

Sources of Vitamin B12 ( folic acid)

1) Fish

Sources of Vitamin C

1) Brocolli
2) Oranges
3) Sweet Potato
4) Dark Green Vegetables
5) Grapefruit

Sources of Vitamin D

1) Mushroom

Sources of Vitamin E

1) Bananas
2) Apples
3) Vegetable oils
4) Green vegetables
5) Cereals
6) Wheat germ
7) Whole-grain products and nuts

Sources of Vitamin K

1) Brocolli
2) Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Let us know if you are aware of the vitamin sources not mentioned above by placing a comment here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Severe Stomach Pain

I was shocked today a bit to see my friend ( female) changing sides on bed, because of severe stomach pain. We will discuss the causes and remedies of severe stomach pain. When we visited the doctor. The doctor asked certain set of questions

1) Whether you had other than normal food(hotel food) yesterday? In our case it was no.
2) Where does it pain? Only the abdomen, the pain was at single location.
3) Are you under period? No.
4) Any problem with excretion in the morning? No.

Doctor concluded the severe stomach pain is nothing but due to swelling in the digestive intestine and gave a 6 day medical schedule.

Based on this the doctor suggested three medicines, 1 tablet in the morning 1 tablet in the evening.
1) Drofem Tablet for controlling the stomach pain.
2) Oflex OZ.
3) Ompraz - To control the nausea caused by Oflex OZ.

The doctor also asked to eat only rice and drink warm water for next two days and if the pain continues, we are advised to do sonography.

I am not sure if the above tablets are available in all the countries and also I would advise you people to communicate with your doctor before taking up any medicines.

I will be making a detail post about the Causes of Stomach Pain in coming days, so watch around.

Tips of Aerobic Exercise

If you are thinking of exercise for a long time but were unable to or interested in some quick tips about aerobic exercise, lets discuss it! Exercise can be categorized into aerobic, muscle strengthening and flexibility exercise. We will concentrate on Aerobics in this post.

Aerobics include simple exercise which does not require any other equipment, just yourself. You can do it anywhere and anytime. Aerobics basically, is an exercise where you keep your major muscle group in action for a long time in action. Exercise like walking, climbing, stairs, dancing, swimming can be termed as aerobic. Aerobic exercise helps you loose weight and keeps you cardiovascular system healthy and fit.

Aerobics Tips
  1. Dancing : If you are interested in dancing join a dance class. It can be anything that interests you. The good thing about it is, if you are interested you get totally into it giving 100% yielding 100%.
  2. Walking : You are going to office, why not take the stairs instead of elevator. If your office is on the first floor. Taking a walk after your lunch or during the tea break watching some colorful things in the surrounding won't hurt you. Lets say you are home, try taking a walk in the neighborhood. Park your car a little far from your regular parking place and walk some distance to get some exercise. While going shopping, walk for 10 minutes straight so that your are done with session for the day.
  3. Swimming : Swimming is a far better and most effective exercise than walking and dancing described above according to my experience so far. So those who are regular at swimming know how fit they are?
  4. Time : You should do aerobics for 20 minutes straight. If your busy schedule doesn't allow you that much time, you can always divide it into two 10 minute sessions.
I would like to share your views as on which aerobic exercise do you follow and any suggestion to the viewers are also welcome.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hangover Remedies

So you are back from the heaven's you have been last night. Now its feeling hell with your head being hammered, nausea, not being so well feeling and much more. That hell my friends is hangover! Anyways let's get quickly to the remedies of hangover (since I am in hangover as well and want to try these remedies as soon as possible).

Remedies of Hangover

1) Water

Drink a glass full of water for dehydration. This remedy was mentioned on almost every web site I browsed for remedies. In addition one should take the gatorade, powerade which provides our body with simple sugar and electrolytes.

2) Food

Eat fruits like bananas which contain potassium and is light as well as nutritious. You can replace bananas with any other fruits. Yogurt is a good option as well. Light food is suggested as the stomach is sensitive and in process to process the alcohol tank from last night. To speed up the metabolism of alcohol, a fruit juice will do wonders.

3) Pain Reliever

Endorphine is one of the hormone which signals the brain of pain in body. A simple way to secret endorphine is to get into sexual activity with your partner ( monogamous off course ) . It is not advisable to use certain pain killers when alcohol is still in your system. Drinking caffeinated solutions also helps reducing the intensity of the headache.

My Remedies

I am not sure if this remedy will work for you but last time I was in a hangover state, the thing that worked for me was cabbage leaves and tomato juice.

I would like to know what are the steps that you follow to overcome hangover after a bash. Please post a comment if you like to share you remedy.

Vegetarian Diet Benefits Part 2

As the title suggests this is my second post related to my first one titled Vegetarian Diet Benefits Part 1. So lets start the countdown ahead.

1) Toxic Chemicals are Avoided.

Meat, dairy products, fish all come with toxics which are used to preserve them. Fish carries the cancer causing substances like PCB's , DDT and some heavy metals ( minerals required by body in very less amount ) . These toxics can't be removed from body even after cooking or freezing the fish. Though fish is a good source of nutrition, one should take care of above mentioned things.

2) Say Bye To Back Problems

Back pain, which is a complaint of almost 3 out of 10 individuals who's job is sitting for almost throughout a day can be totally avoided. Here's an insight how? Back pain is caused due to blockage of arteries ( due to cholesterol ) running to the back and thus degenerating the discs. Plant based diet can avoid this situation alltogether by keeping arteries clear of the cholesterol responsible for blockage.

3) Say Bye To Food Borne Illness

It has been estimated by CDC that in US that more than 50% of Cows, pigs and chicken carry some kind of bacteria or are infected with one or the other parasite.

4) Increasing Fiber Intake :

The process of pushing waste out of the body is called as detoxification. Being a vegetarian , increases your fiber intake which aids in removing the toxics from the body. Sorry to say but meat contains no fiber.

5) Vegetarian Benefits to Woman :

Our body secrets fluctuating hormones, to balance the different moods and situations. Plants, grains and legumes balances the levels of such hormones which helps a woman to go through menopause without much complaints.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

How and Why to Detoxify Body

Why Should One Detoxify Body?
Detoxification of body is a process of cleaning the blood of its toxins. So it is suggested that one should detoxify at least once a year to remove all the toxins from the body and then provide it with fresh nutrition. This is done mainly through liver, lungs, lymph, intestine and skin.

How to Detoxify Body ?

There are various ways to detoxify ones body.

1) Fasting: This technique was used by our ancestors.
  • Try going on a fast a day per week drinking only water.
  • Some suggest a week only of fruit juices once a year.
2) Eliminate Stress:

Certain hormones are released by our body when it is stressed to cope with it. These hormones however produce a lot of toxins and are not good for health and also contributes in slowing down the detoxification. Yoga and Meditation can help release stress.

3) Increase your Fiber Intake :

Eat plenty of fiber food such as brown rice, vegetables and fruits like beets, radishes, artichokes, cabbage, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella.

4) Drink more and more water.

While water should be taken almost in a quantity of 2 quarts a day, please remember not to take it in excess.

5) Eliminate the high levels of alcohol, cigarattes, caffeine, refined sugars and saturated fats from your daily intake. These are toxic to body. As far as possible one should also eliminate the use of deodorants and other health products to replace them with natural products.

6) Nourish your Liver :

Since liver is responsible for removing the toxins from the body. One should take care of the inputs required by liver such the compound glutathione plays an important role in removing the toxins.

7) Increase Oxygen Intake :

breathes are the most efficient way of doing this. Oxygen circulation throughout the body aids the detoxification process.

8) Perspiration :

Another efficient way of removing toxins is by sweating. Sweat in Sauna so that the toxins get removed from the pores on the skin.

As an alternative you can also dry brush your skin with the products available for the same purpose in the natural product stores.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Amino Acid Health and Sources

Amino Acids, I have heard this term when Soma was taking our Yoga Session. She described amino acid is used by our body when we try to mobilize ourself and are secreted to lubricate the joint and thus act like a cushion to our body.

I started reading about it and learnt that there are 20 different types of amino acids that are required by our body. Out of these 20 different amino acids, 8 amino acids can't be generated by our body. Rest 12 are all naturally produced by our body. So we need to take them externally as these 8 amino acids are absolutely necessary for our body.

Health Benefits: Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are the used by our body to synthesize proteins.

There are various fruits and vegetables which can provide the 8 amino acids our body is unable to produce.

Fruit Sources :
  • Bananas
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
Vegetable Sources :
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels Sprout
  • Okra
  • Peas
  • Summer Squash
  • Kale
Here is the list of 20 amino acids which are essential for the body. Amino acids tagged as essential are those that can't be produced by our body.

Amino Acids
Non EssentialEssential

Aspartic Acid
Glutamic Acid


If you are interested in going into details of each amino acid and its benefits, I have found a good link for the same . Click here

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yoga Session 3 and 5

Those who read this blog regularly might have known that in my Yoga Session 4 post, I talked about the relaxation techniques and assured the reason for Yoga Session 3 being skipped was me working on each of the Yoga Aasana. Anyways the time has come and I would like to combine third and fourth session into one. Soma the trainer, sent us the ten minute programme and asked us to introduce it into our daily routine. I suggest you all to include it in your daily routine as well.

You can download the programme here. The programme as discussed earlier was designed specifically keeping focus on people who work in a sitting position daily for more than 8 hours with minimum exercise. The attached file has breathing techniques, warm up exercise, suryanamaskar, Asanas and relaxation techniques with each step explained with the help of image.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Importance and Sources of Carbohydrates

I will list important souces of carbohydrates in this post. Starting with carbohydrates, we must first understand that there are two types of carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in general provide the body, required energy to perform the physical activity and also forms an important part of healthy diet providing vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Good Carbohydrates :

Whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans are the best source of carbohydrates and they provide vitamins, minerals, fiber to promote good health.

Bad Carbohydrates :

There are also carbohydrates in ample quantity in white bread, white rice, pastries, sugared sodas, and other highly processed foods. But this may contribute in leading to diabetes and have negtive impact on weight loss.

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Minerals Needed By Body
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Ready To Eat Food

Do you take instant food or ready to eat food. Have you ever known how long this food is stored? How is it possible to store the food in packages for a longer time? Do they loose there nutritional value? Have you ever checked the expiry date on the ready to eat food package. Read on the tips to know the answers to select a good and nutritional ready to eat food.

Facts to Know about ready to eat food.
  1. The ready to eat food product must have good quality carbohydrates, like whole cereals, good quality fibre which is good for bowel movement and helps is rich in nutrients. One should also look for good quality fats and not just a good product label. Also the printed matter is not always legitimate, so one should always go for a reputed brand.
  2. Pregnant, lactating mothers should totally avoid the ready to eat foods, stored with preservatives like MSG, benzoates, etc as they can contribute to a number of diseases. Picking package foods not having any preservatives can prove much more healthier. Preservatives are harmful for the digestive system.
  3. There is considerable loss of nutrients while processing. So consumptions of such food on regular basis may accompany you with arthritis, anemia, etc.
  4. It advisable to see the expiry date to be sure there is no further decrease in nutritional value. Consuming food from packages with elapsed expiry date may lead to food poisoning.
  5. One should always beware that though the ready to eat food packages assure you low fat, low calorie and nutritive food, nothing in the world can replace the freshly cooked balance wholesome meal. Also a low calorie ice-cream may not be low in fat, so one has to be careful.
  6. Try to get aware on storage and preparation techniques of ready to eat food products.
  7. Avoid foods with high sodium content.
  8. Many a times, lifestyle disorders walk hand in hand with the ready to eat food packages like obesity, diabetes. Reason being the content which most of the time is saturated fat and easily absorbed carbohydrates.
Finally it is not just the responsibility of the manufacture but also of the consumer to have a wholesome good ready to eat food.

Exercise With a Partner Tips

Now a days buddy system is taking momentum. People are more willing to workout with a buddy. There are different reasons to it. To stay motivated can be one of them and in this post I would like to mention some tips for successful buddy programme.
  1. Always emphasize on positive reinforcement instead of negative.
  2. Read various articles and keep talking about health and nutrition.
  3. Weight training is important to let the muscles know of physical stress. So do it at least once a week with 15 repetitions per week.
  4. While stretching one can help each other with something called as partner stretches.
  5. Go for jogging together, twice a week.
  6. If you stay close to each other, maybe a evening walk together will increase the bond.
  7. Ask your partner to reduce sugar in tea and coffee which is one effective way to reduce 200 calories daily, equivalent to one day work out.
How do you work out? Do you like to workout with a partner or prefer doing it all by own?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yoga Session 4 Relaxation.

It’s getting better day by day. In the fourth session of yoga we were taught relaxation technique post Yoga. Here is some insight of relaxation and I will update this post with more link on relaxation as I research it more in coming time.

We rest our body by lying on the floor. Palms face upwards. Relax!!! Be there concentrate on your body, let go all the tensions. Breathe normal and again concentrate on your body. Be there for another few seconds. Slowly start releasing the tensions from your toes, concentrate on your toes and try to relax all the muscles, joints and let go all the tensions through it. Be there for half to one minute. Move upwards to calf’s, feel them, let the tension go, relax be there for couple of minutes. Now we move towards knees and apply the same process as above. Then thighs ( again the same process). Now we come to upper body. Feel your heart and the pumping, and the flow from heart everywhere, try to relax. Feel the rib cage part and relax yourself, relax your shoulders, let them at ease, breathe normally and be there for another couple of minutes. Now we come to the face. For face we first concentrate on the chin and try and relax it for a minute. Then we feel the eyes and eyeballs, concentrate and relax. Then we move to the forehead and after a minute of concentration we let go all the tension through the back of our scalp.

Note: I will update this thread with detailed relaxation techniques. Today was my first day at relaxation technique so we can learn a lot more in coming future. If you would like to share something about the relaxation technique. Feel free to do so, we have a comments section below.

( I am working on the third session as it will need some asanas to describe)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yoga Session 2

It was much happening session today compared to yesterday. To summarize we have done 3 asanas. Due to time constraints, Soma said she have designed a specific program for the corporate people suitable to their lifestyle. I think, this programme can be followed by everyone as the worst lifestyle is that of an IT person ( personal thoughts).

Anyways here is a peek into the session today. A small chat was held and Soma explained what Yoga is ? To many, it is a practice of difficult postures (asanas) or meditation (dhyana) or renunciation (vairagya) and thing to practice when one retires. But there is much more to this. Yoga means knowing your body, feeling it, preaparing it, nourishing it. In Yoga you take a particular posture (asanas) and you feel the body. You should feel the stress, stretch for a particular part of the body. It’s like close your eyes when you are in one of the asanas and just concentrate on your muscles that are working / stretching, feel it, feel the movement of the muscles and what they are asking or telling you to do. Same is the case when you release your posture. One should feel how the muscles relax, what muscles relax, which part do you feel the pressure has been releases. And mainly how you feel after the postures.

We followed with the warm up exercise, I mentioned in yesterdays post, which followed with 3 asanas in standing position.

1) Vrikshasana
2) Chakrasan.

3) Trikonasan.

Some school tips Soma told were,

1) Sleep early wake up early.
2) Drink sufficient amount of water.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yoga Session 1

I have applied for a 5 day yoga session in my organization, which is companies initiative towards employee's health. Today was the first day. The session will be a combination of Yoga as well as exercise.

Today was the first day and the trainer who also is a alliance with TCS namely Soma Mukherjee is an experienced, specializes corporate fitness trainer who has been associated with some leading corporate houses in Pune since 8 – 9 years. She also advices her clients on diet & lifestyle management issues to improve their total health profile. To know more about Soma visit, scfitness.

Today's session was about overall fitness and Soma explained what exactly is fitness. It is the people who don't react with a "Oh god" like phrases when bending or performing a related activity. Fitness somewhat is related to stamina. There are two types of exercises Cardiovascular and free weights. Cardio vascular exercises include jogging. Jogging increases your stamina. Weight training is also necessary. Yoga according to Soma is a combination of both these exercises as while balancing or doing some asanas for example while standing on one leg you have to balance whole weight of your body on a single leg, thus asking the muscles of your leg to prepare themselves to cope with it. Similarly while performing asana's related to breathing, you are providing your body with more oxygen and thus boosting your body to carry on the activities like purifying more blood and heart to circulate more blood through out the body.

According to Soma

Majority of females don't pay attention towards weight training. It's true that
for female's weights won't make your biceps buldgy or muscular but they are
important as in long run of life your bones need to absorb more and more calcium
to stay healthy.

Why Warming Up is Necessary?

Soma explained why warm up is necessary in simple words which I will try and put in simple words as well.

Some body fluids which are present in the joints needs to get circulated so that the body is ready to handle sudden pressure while jogging or while doing weights. These fluids when flowing provides as a lubricant for the joints and so we can avoid injuries. Rest of the session we were involved in warm up exercise for all muscle groups and after a bit of research a found a ndtv site where you can take a look at each of the warm up exercise in detail.

Keep looking for the next 4 sesssions, I am expecting a lot more from these sessions for all of us.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cracking Sound From Jaw

Have you ever heard sound of your jaw cracking when you open your mouth. It started to happen with me 1 year back and I kept ignoring it till today. It was not like my jaw kept cracking every now and then. But there were times like a week or two for couple of times when I tried to open my mouth and the jaw cracked.

Recently I was doing research for a post on Pain in the ear due to swelling and came across the reason for cracking sound, which I would like to publish in this post. It is nothing major, so no need to worry about the cracking sound. It is called as the TMJ Syndrome ( Temporomandibular Syndrome) termed as a disorder which affects the joint of jaws. You can treat it with a moist heat or cold massage around the jaw. If the sound keeps on bugging you and is painful at time, it would be appropriate decision to see your doctor right away.

Personally I have done nothing for my two time suffering of the jaw cracking but next time it happens I would definitely be seeing a doctor.

For more information on TMJ Syndrome Please visit Emedicinehealth

Monday, February 4, 2008

Reasons of Bleeding Nose

I was returning from a tea break in lift and stopped by reception to collect a courier when from nowhere I felt some flow from nose and I was not bad at guessing it was blood. I was surprised as I never touched my nose for any nail contact with the nose . So I was looking around for reasons for a bleeding nose on net and to my surprise I found many more causes other than finger nail trauma.

I would like to mention some points which briefly describes the reasons for a bleeding nose.

Most common reasons of a bleeding nose are

1) Excessive nose picking
2) Trauma to nose
3) Some nasal fracture
4) Viral Rhinitis
5) Acute Sinusitis
6) Foreign things in nose
7) Deviation of the nasal septum
8) Atmospheric changes
9) Some kind of growth in nasal cavity such as tumor.
10) Hypertension can be the reason of a bleeding nose in old age.
11) Heart diseases
12) Pregnancy
13) Some drugs like pain killers.
14) Acute infections including typhoid, pneumonia, malaria, dengue fever, measles etc.
15) Idiopathic - at times the reason of nose bleeding may not be clear.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Natural Remedies For Acid Reflux

What is Acid Reflux?
Acid Reflux is a condition caused when acid produced by the stomach to digest the food flows back to the oesophagus, causing a burning sensation in Chest.
Natural Remedies For Acid Reflux

Do any drugs like Prilosec or Nexium come to your mind. Think it twice, these drugs actually reduce the quantity of acid used for digestion. If this is so who will digest the food. I never mean that you should not use those drugs but why not follow some of the natural remedies for acid reflux first. If not cured get back to a doctor.

So here is the the list of some elements which can be used as natural remedies for acid reflux

1) Water :
This natural remedy for acid reflux works for almost every one with the condition. Drink a lot of filtered water to stay hydrated. Water functions in balancing the acid levels in stomach. Get into a diet which will have a lot of juices.
2) Garlic : Garlic should be crushed first, either chew it or use crush it before intake. It should be fresh as well. Garlic kills some of the bacteria which may result inflammation and are not generally killed by other means. Beside Garlic will benefit you beyond being natural remedy of acid reflux as it is rich probiotic supplier.
3) Artemisia Asiatica : Reports say that this herb has worked for some people.

If you have tried all the above natural remedies for acid reflux and still your condition remains same. I suggest its time for you to seek and doctor.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Dont Worry Till You Get Tested For HIV

It is true that the HIV prevalence all over the world has started getting under control but the people who keep on worrying about HIV are not reduced. I was thinking of dedicating a post to the worried people who keep on worrying about their HIV status.

I have seen a couple of forums where people keep on asking the same question again and again after having an HIV exposure. Let me tell you a short story of how one of my friend wasted almost a year of his life thinking he was infected with HIV. Once Ashok( one of my friend) was exposed to the virus and yeah he went paranoid as well. Ashok kept on worrying and even went paranoid to think how many years of life, he will be living from now. All day, all night long he was unable to think anything else than to worry. With HIV in mind, he was not interested in work, neither interested in playing games. His work seniors started to doubt his abilities. Finally he got tested after 6 weeks of exposure and the result turned out to be negative. He was happy, went to Goa (a tourist place in India) and enjoyed a lot. But the fear returned when he started thinking about the 3 month period which is know as window period and most of the doctors suggest testing after 3 months of exposure to HIV virus. Ashok got tested again and this time too the result was negative.

You might think this all ended up here but no there's a lot more to this. When Ashok went to get tested for the second time, he was accompanied by many HIV +ve people who were there for CD4 count ( regular blood checkup once diagnosed with HIV ). Both were made to sit on same chair. Due to Ashok's paranoid nature , he started thinking of all the possible scenarios in which he could get infected from the earliar patient sitting on the same chair. The cycle of 3 months started all over again. Finally he was able to fight to this non sense fear for 3 months and get rid of the HIV fear all together.

What do you think Ashok gained> He gained very less compared to 9 months of life, he wasted due to fear and worry, which he will never get back compared to the HIV knowledge he earned during these months. So I want all you people to try and not worry if you are not sure about your HIV status till your results are out and I beg you people to use protection whenever having ... you know what I mean.

Those who want to read more about HIV can take a look at HIV INFO

Crohn's Disease

What is Crohn's Disease? Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestinal tract. It primarily cause ulcerations ( breaks in the lining ) of small and large intestines, but can affect the digestive system anywhere from mouth to anus.

What are the causes of Crohn's Disease?
Research shows that the inflammation seen in the gastrointestinal tract of people with Chrohn's Disease involves several factors like heredity, environment and the patients immune system.

Symptoms of Crohn's Disease include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, weight loss and rectal bleeding.

Healthy Diet

Food Fundamentals :

Food plays a major role as it is made up of various nutrients and non-nutrients. A fully balance diet
comprises of proper share of all these in one meal in some or the other form.

* Carbohydrates
* Antioxidants
* Proteins
* Fats
* Vitamins
* Minerals
* Fibre
* Cholesterol
* Water

Food – The Basic Necessity :

* For the purpose of energy.
* Replacement of Worn out tissues.
* Maintenance of body functions.

Meal Pattern:

The calorie requirement of an individual leading a sedentary lifestyle (sitting job, not much of activity).
One whole day’s calorie requirement of an individual can be divided as follows:

Breakfast: 25%
Lunch: 35%
Evening Snacks: 15%
Dinner: 25%

Breakfast: Extremely Necessary

* To break the overnight fast.
* Get the digestion cycle into motion.
* Avoids acidity.
* Improves alertness and concentration.

Read more on breakfast.


It is just as necessary as food! If you are eating all your life you will have to exercise as well.

* Manages Weight.
* Keeps one fresh and energetic.
* Increases strength, endurance, flexibility and immunity.
* Indulge in at least 45 minutes of exercise for a minimum of 5 days in a week.

For a Healthier You!!!

* Snack wisely; pick up fruits, salads, roasted chanam baked snacks etc.
* Choose right food at right times and in right quantities
* Eat lots of natural and seasonal foods.
* Avoid foods containing large amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats.
* Chew foods for a longer time.
* Compensate your alcohol intake with a cereal exchange.
* Try to maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly.

Lifestyle Management:

* Never go on Fad Diets.
* Stock home with healthier foods.
* Negotiate with family to eat healthier foods when around.
* One should not keep sitting idle when done eating the food.
* Give some time to chew the food properly.
* Reward each other with non-food treats.