Friday, February 8, 2008

Cracking Sound From Jaw

Have you ever heard sound of your jaw cracking when you open your mouth. It started to happen with me 1 year back and I kept ignoring it till today. It was not like my jaw kept cracking every now and then. But there were times like a week or two for couple of times when I tried to open my mouth and the jaw cracked.

Recently I was doing research for a post on Pain in the ear due to swelling and came across the reason for cracking sound, which I would like to publish in this post. It is nothing major, so no need to worry about the cracking sound. It is called as the TMJ Syndrome ( Temporomandibular Syndrome) termed as a disorder which affects the joint of jaws. You can treat it with a moist heat or cold massage around the jaw. If the sound keeps on bugging you and is painful at time, it would be appropriate decision to see your doctor right away.

Personally I have done nothing for my two time suffering of the jaw cracking but next time it happens I would definitely be seeing a doctor.

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  1. thnqs it started to me a week ago no pain but sound in my left side under the ear thmbs up