Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is Yoga Good For Weight Loss

This post will address Hoow to control obesity by yoga? Is Yoga good for weight loss? Over weight will definitely not be a problem you face, if you follow yoga. Pranayam which is a yoga asana recommended for the obese people. Pranayam helps reducing the overall weight of the body and can definitely benefit a person in the form of weight loss. One should have to pay attention to the cause of obesities along with doing yoga asanas. It is not like you can go on eating junk food and expect yoga to keep your weight in control. One should keep a parallel check on the daily diet of the person willing to do yoga for weight loss.

Loss of Activity
Loss of exercise is one of the main reason that many people gain weight. One has to start being active in life. What any other way can be better than doing Yoga? Start doing pranayam. Though it is hard to get
pranayam going at first attempt but as time passes on, one will be able to do it more efficiently and can also increase the time to do it from 5 minutes to up to whatever minutes he/she is comfortable of..

Bringing Inherited Obesity Under control
Those who have inherited obesity or has a history of obesity in family can also bring obesity under control by doing yoga. It is not evident though that inherited obesity can be totally controlled by yoga but it definitely helps a person if started early. Such a person is likely to gain weight but very less compared to others not performing yoga.

General Stats of how Yoga proves good in weigh loss
There is almost 20% to 40% of the working class population around the world which are suffering from obesity. There are almost 10 to 20% of teens who are suffering from obesity all over the world. One can get rid of all the problems arising from obesity by performing yogasanas. As some of the asanas indirectly work in favor of increasing self confidence and work efficiency, it can be a feel good factor for a obese person. It has been found that doing yogasana can reduce weight by 250 gms daily. A rare amount of people have also reported a 2 kg of weight loss.daily.

Suggestions of Yoga Practitioners
Eating excessive food is one of the reason for gaining weight. It is recommended by yoga practitionars
to follow the below advice along with pranayam to bring weight under control
1) Drink water after one hour of meal.
2) Drink water when you wake up in the morning.
3) Dont eat too much sugar.
4) Eat less than what your hunger asks you to.

Tip: Just changing some of your daily activities, diet and performing yoga regularly one can bring weight under control.


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