Monday, August 1, 2011

Health Benefits of Figs

Fig is called as Anjeer in India. When i got introduced to the real benefits of fig through an article in a newspaper yesterday, I was really shocked!!! We have figs as a fruit in our refrigerator so many times but hardly I knew the health benefits of fig. Figs can help us to build a perfect personality! shocked !!! I too was. Read on.... Docter says that eating figs is equivalent to one meal. Whatever vitamins or nutrients a healthy meal can provide in one time is also present in one serving of figs. So one can replace at least 1 meal during a day with 1 serving of fig. Figs are therefore considered best for dieting. No fats. Just plain nutrition!

Every fruit provide us vitamins but the quantity can vary depending on fruit.Fig is the main sources of iron. Fig is readily available in any food store. Irrespective of a dry fig or a fresh fig, one can be assured that he/she will get the same amount of vitamins. Figs can be stored in refrigerator for two to three days. But Still a lot of people prefer to eat fresh figs.

This small fruit is an abundant source of iron, which is one of the essential nutrients. Iron deficiency can cause many problems in women. This blackish, green, yellow fruit is a definite yes for the women around the world. Fig which comes in large and small sizes is a reputed fruit in the Ayurveda medicine and solves a lot of problems in people of all ages starting from a child to elder people.

Some of the health benefits of Figs are mentioned below
* Fig is a complete food.
* Fig is a rich source of iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A,B1 and B2.
* Fig are suggested to pregnant women for the rich nutrition they provide.
* Fig fruits solve the problem of sexual weakness.
* Fig is also useful to piles and cough patient.
* It is useful to gaining weight after illness.
* Patients who have given up to disorders like asthma and cough can try this as a home remedy.
* Fig is considered as a useful fruits for men and women beauty.
* It has been found in a study eating fig can keep a women away from breast cancer.
* Fig solves bone related problems.
* In young generation one common problem is pimples. Some amount of fig juice can treat the pimples very well.
* Figs is useful to hair dandruff.
* Fig is important to them who face the problem of memory loss.
* Skin looks rich with the help of fig. It shines.
* Fig can control the heart problem by controlling the cholesterol level.
* Providing the big capacity of iron we can avoid anemia.
* People who face the problem of high or low blood pressure can eat fig to maintain their blood pressure levels.
* Lack of calcium in bones can make a person feel weaker. Eating a fig daily can make bones stronger because of the ample amount of calcium in figs.
* In our daily life we forget our self and cant give time to our mind to feel relaxed. This is when we suffer from stress. Fig is one fruit which can make our mind calm and cool.
* We can control our weight through figs.

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