Friday, December 25, 2009

Reasons for Yawning

Yawning! We all yawn one or the other time. We also yawn when see someone else yawning. Why does this happen? What are reasons of yawning? Lets find some answers in this post.

Reason For Yawning
  1. When you feel bored, sleepy or people around you are yawning are the main reason for yawning.
  2. Human feelings are contagious, this is one of the reason why people laugh together, they cry together, they cough together and they yawn when someone yawns.
  3. There are very rare medical cases in which a person suffering from any brain related disorder is the reason for yawning. Like a person suffering from epileptic fit, it is common to start yawning before he get the fit.
  4. Brain fever is also one of the reason for yawning.
  5. A person who is addicted to drugs made of opium like heroine and is kept away from the drug for rehabilitation or given medication to let go the addictions can suffer a lot of yawning.
  6. Some other reasons of yawning are
  • feeling tired
  • doing a lot of work
  • mind is under stress
  • loss of activity.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dry Cough and Vomiting

Lets first discuss what is a dry cough? Dry cough is a cough which doesn't produce anything. Opposite to dry cough is productive cough which produce phelgm. I had to clear the difference between two coughs as there are a lot of people who are confused with dry cough and accompanied by vomiting.

Why we get Cough? Simple the body reacts to excess secretions in the breathing passage with a defensive reflex action which we call as cough.

Common Cause of Dry Cough and Vomiting

Cough can sometimes lead to vomiting. Vomiting Phelgm. Some people misjudge vomiting phelgm to dry vomiting. There is nothing called as dry vomiting. However some people who are not able to bring out something even after trying to vomit and just blow air, they term it to be dry vomiting. In such cases there is always a phelgm or some kind of microbe in the respiratory system, which is unable to come out. So people who refer to suffer from dry vomiting must first deal with cough.

Smoking is one common reason which is related to cough. Have you had an extra packet of cigarette the other night. Today if you suffer from dry cough and vomiting don't be surprised. I know sometime's it can get overwhelmingly irritating but then you will have to bring down the number of cigarette's.

Sometimes you might get blood when you vomit. Consult a doctor when you see excess blood. However most common reason for blood coming out in vomit is the nose bleeding which lets the blood into the stomach, which is thrown out when you cough or vomit. It can be caused due to some other diseases as well, please consult a doctor if it continues.

Health Tip: Don't panic every time you see blood in cough or vomit. Think what might have went wrong in past few days. If you don't get any satisfactory answer or the dry cough vomit continues consult a doctor.