Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hair Straightening Health Risks

Who doesn't love to straighten their hair in no time. In this busy busy world very few people have time to do blow drying hair for 30 minutes. These people then have none other option than hair straighteners. However when we save our time using hair straighteners, are we aware of the hair straightening health risks? Yes, every comfort comes at a cost and we will decide today if hair straightening health risks are worth using the straighteners!

Hair Straightening Risks
1) Hair Split Ends. A lot of people who used hair straighteners have reported split ends.
2) Burnt Hair. Sometimes it happens that people get burn their hair accidentally and believe me the smell of burnt hair is not very pleasant. One can use ceramic straighteners to avoid burnt hair.
3) Fragile Hair.: People are also reported to have fragile hair from hair straightening.
4) Cancer: Yes! You heard it write. There are some treatments in Brazil which use formaldehyde to smooth and straighten the hair. However many health and safety agencies consider formaldehyde to be a cause of cancer. However recent studies say that the chemicals used for hair straightening therapies are safe.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Health Effects of Smoking

Every one, even the smoker's know that cigarette smoking is injurious to health and the health effects of smoking are not really pleasant. But very few people know how exactly smoking has can affect health. I am a smoker too, but was unaware of the facts that I am going to mention below.

Health Effects of Smoking
1) Smoking a cigarette and having a mouth fresher. Is this the way you try and get rid of the cigarette smell? well then there is a bad news, you can't really get rid of the smell totally. Because it also sticks to your clothes and you can get rid of it only when you wash your clothes. Also if you are smoking in a car, keep a room freshener to get rid of the smoke from the car. Doesn't it sound too much of work for smoking a cigarette.
2) Do you have yellow colored fingernails, tooth or skin? They can very well be because of cigarette smoking. Some of you might think that it is pleasant color!
3) Have you seen someone coughing all day long and the doctors has refused to diagnose it as a viral infection? Yes then he definitely will be a smoker.
4) Excessive smoke can sometime result in headaches and even migraines.
5) After the excessive smoking session during a party or any other time can make you feel dizzy, make your throat burn like anything.
6) Smoking can also result into hypertension,nausea,bronchitis.
7) People who smoke are not sensitive to smell or taste compared to non-smokers.
8) Feeling of anxiety and that of substance dependency will never go till you quit smoking.
9) Last point in the list but the most important one. Cigarette smoking can cause cancer.

Non Health Effects of Smoking
1) I am a smoker myself! Yes I am trying to quit. But there are so many of my shirts which are my real favorites but due to the holes caused cigarette, I miss wearing them.
2) After all its a hard earned money which one smokes away.
3) Some of my clothes have holes in them. Once I bought a pair of sport shoe and the very first day it had a small little hole on the net because of the burning end of cigarettes which fell on my shoe and stayed there for a while.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Abs Abs Abs 6 pack 8 pack

Hello Everyone!!! Yes isn't this an unusual start for my blog. Yes it is. Actually I was thinking of writing about abs six pack eight pack whatever you call since a long time. But the time never was right and I came to know that it never will. The purpose of this post is somewhat selfish. I want to keep track and spirit going on to get those six little babies on my round belly.

Here is how I will keep track of things.
1) Firstly I will tell you guys something about my exercise routine.
2) I will post some of my pictures on the blog so that you people can see the round world around me.
3) I will keep regular posts at least once/twice a week on developments.

So to get into the details what can I write about myself? I will brief you guys about the exercise and time duration for which I have been following the exercise routine. My eating habits, and lifestyle.

The pictures are very important thing I think. As it is great to see the positive changes happening in your body which you have always wanted. I have been through the changes when I used to work out regularly so I know the proud feeling that delves within.

The last thing which will be a long process is keeping track of things that will be happening. I will keep on posting about my exercise routines. As I will be experimenting with a lot of exercises.

So lets see how long it will take for me to get six pack abs. Keep on following this post. for updates. I know will take a long time for me to get into shape.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Importance and Sources of Fibre

Importance of Fibre
  1. A recent study published its finding saying that for ladies it is important to get 5 grams of fibre for every 1,000 calories they consume. You can find how to get those calories here. This can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer in ladies by approximately 20%.
  2. Fibre plays a important role in controlling blood sugar level and cholesterol.
  3. 25-30 Grams of fibre can avoid strokes.
  4. Another study says that 27 grams of fibre can make your lungs more stronger in terms of capacity than people who doesn't consume sufficient amount of fibre.
  5. Fibre controls blood pressure.
  6. Fibre is very much essentials to keep you regular in term of bowel.

Sources that are rich in fibre

  • Wholemeal, granary, softgrain varieties of bread.
  • potatoes
  • Cereals like weetabix, branflakes, unsweetened muesli, Shreddies and porridge oats
  • Wholemeal pasta and brown rice
  • Beans, lentils and peas
  • Fresh and dried fruits with skin
  • Vegetables with skin
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Wholemeal flour

Friday, December 12, 2008

Health Tips December

I am starting this new series of posting one liner health tips. What does it mean? Well I will make a post at the start of the month titled like Health Tips In December. I will keep this post updated throughout the month for whatever health tips I come across. Lets do it from today.

Health Tips December:
  • Keeping a bunch of fresh fragrant flowers in your bedroom can help you in getting sound sleep and pleasant dreams.
  • The paste that one applies face made of almonds berries and yogurt would benefit more if eaten.
  • A couple of tablespoons with honey can help in getting a nice sleep. Try to take it with water.
  • Want to beat cold. Eat garlic.
  • Get rid of burning eyes by putting 3 drops of pure rose water into it.
  • To relax your eyes after a long day in front of computer, take place a tea bag onto your eyes after dipping it into cold water.
  • Cracked heels are softened by rubbing olive oil.
  • Stomach ache and stomach ulcers can be cured by combination of honey and cinnamon powder.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Healthy Resolutions 2009

Everyone is waiting for the new year. So are the resolutions being made about career, personnel and fitness. I have also made some health related resolutions for coming and would like to list them down. Let me know your resolutions as well. I am also planning to keep a post per month follow up for this resolutions to keep me going.

Loosing at least 10 pounds ( 5 kg approx)
I was about 114 pound ( 57 kg ) when I joined gym in 2005. Now I feel like I am growing overweight with 142 pound ( 71 kg ) of mass, which is couple of pound higher to what is ideal for my height ( 5'7"). I am planning to get in shape as well.

Avoid eating outside
I will try and avoid eating outside. Even if I do, I will skip the oily food and fast food. Only things which I have decided to eat if I am on a tour, holiday are
1) Fruits, fruit juices.
2) Idli's which are made of fermented rice and legume flour.

6 pack abs is something, I am planning since a long time. Now this coming year I will be executing the task. I will start with photographs sometime in january and lets see how long it takes me to get those 6 pack abs.

Average 1 post per day on this blog
As this blog helps me gain healthy knowledge, as I read and post. But due to blogging, I read even minute details so that our readers can get the best out of the post. '

What are your health resolutions the coming New Year?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do You Think Your Routine Life Is Healthy.

We will be talking more about what exactly is going wrong in our routine life, off course it will be related to health. I felt the need to write this post after observing my daily routine closely.

Where was Gym in the past?
These days we know the place to do our workout for physical fitness and good health. It's Gym. But this was not the case in the past. There was no Gym but still if we observe our parents or grand parents, they have led a much healthier life than us. Sometime's I wonder how these people might have managed to maintain themselves. Our previous generation are far better than us in terms of physical health and fitness. All their organs are functioning correctly.

Why we need doctors for cold and flu?
When the climate ( season ) changes, it natural for some people to get cold and flu. Do we really need a doctor for it? No we don't. Once our body gets adjusted to the changed weather. But these
days no one is ready to waste there 48 hours. they run to a doctor to get well. No doubt, you should see a doctor if the malfunctioning continues but can't we wait for some time to get adjusted.

What can we do to improve?
There are a lot of things one can do to improve fitness, there is no need to get going to gym. Following are some of the exercises which you can include in your routine to stay fit.
1) Dips, PushUps
2) Squats
3) Skipping
4) Walking
5) Cycling

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
In simple words it's the after effects of a tragedy. PTSD is something where a person is not able to forget his/her past. The bad memories of past keep on haunting a person.

What are the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
  • People suffering from PTSD are not able to live a normal life.
  • Some might even turn to alcohol or drugs to get rid of the memories of past.
What are the Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

A person suffering from PTSD shows the following symptoms
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of concentration
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Prone to nightmares and sleepless
  • feeling shocked
  • feeling Edgy
Do you personally know anyone who has/is suffering from PTSD. A friend of mine was at
CST station when the terror attack in Bombay took place on 29 Nov 2008. And I know its not easy for him.

8 Hours of Sleep

Why do I sleep for 8 hours a day?
When I was in school, my language teacher used to tell us, sleep well through 8 hours a night. The reason was unknown then. Now I know why he used to say that. I observed that when I sleep for 8 hours,
  1. I usually feel very much fresh.
  2. I can concentrate on my work more.
  3. I feel energetic through out the day.
  4. No yawning through the day, helps my colleagues as well. Everyone knows that how much you yawn if you see another person yawning.
  5. I feel more confident with 8 hours of sleep.
What are the health benefits of 8 hours of sleep?
Sleeping for 8 hours a day has many health benefits associated. As everyone knows though a person is sleeping, his body doesn't stop working. His heart, kidney and every part of the body doesn't just go to sleep. But by sleeping you rest your body, you actually give a break to your body by not doing any physical activity. Thus the body doesn't have to do any expense for energy levels. Beside these facts about 8 hour sleep following are some important health benefits

  • Cell Healing Process: When one sleeps his/hers body works on repairing the damages cells.
  • Inflammation: 8 hour Sleep can keep the NF-KB protein level low, which otherwise would result in inflammation related disorders.

How much time do you sleep?