Sunday, July 31, 2011

What are the Types of Diabetes

We have close people in our family who are suffering from diabetes or we our self might be suffering from it. Just saying that he / she has diabetes doesn't make sense. We should understand what it is and how many types of diabetes are there and what type of diabetes are we or person suffering from. Based upon certain factors Diabetes is divided into three categories Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2 and GMD. Following graph represents approximate percentage distribution of people suffering from diabetes based upon the type of diabetes

Diabetes for most of us is just high level of sugar levels in the human body. Our body controls the blood sugar level with the help of a hormone called insulin. Insulin is created by Pancreas. So lets see what are the type of diabetes based upon the above factors.

Type 2 Diabetes : Lets talk about type 2 diabetes first as this is the most common form of diabetes and around 85% diabetic patients suffer from type 2 diabetes. In Type 2 Diabetes a person becomes insulin resistant i.e insulin ( hormone ) is not efficient in reducing the blood sugar levels. The treatment mainly deals with diet and exercise. Sometimes if needs tables are suggested. Insulin injections are not taken in the beginning but may become a necessity later on. A research says that over 40% of the type diabetic need insulin shots to be taken.

Type 1 Diabetes : Less number of people compared to type 2 diabetes suffer from type 1 diabetes. In Type 1 Diabetics, sufficient insulin is not generated by pancreas. This happens because the body's immune system incorrectly destroys the insulin producing beta cells in the
pancreas. People affected with this has to take insulin shots several times a day depending on th doctor advise. I have seen people taking shots in marriages, hotels, restaurants. They also have to follow a strict diet plan and workout routine.

GMD ( Gestational Diabetes Mellitus )
GMD is a type of diabetic which develops or is diagnosed mostly during pregnancy test. In GMD a diabetic become carbohydrate intolerant but returns to normal on delivery. However in later life a diabetic complication may be developed in mother as well as baby.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surgery To Reduce Stomach Size

Everyone wants to get rid of the stomach flab and settle their tummy flat. Some wish to reduce stomach size for looks but in some seriously obese people it is a compulsion. This is because of the various health complications that obese people face. There are diet routines easily available at the nutritionist and exercise routines which even a normal gym instructor can help you out with to reduce your stomach size. But do you know there is another way, one can even do a surgery to reduce stomach size.

How exactly is stomach size reduced using a surgery?

Weight loss Surgery is classified into 3 different types based upon the process involved in the surgery. Any one of the following three ways is used during the surgery. First is the implantation of a medical equipment ( device ) into the stomach. Second method is by cutting out or removal of part of stomach. The last method uses a process to create a smaller stomach pouch and involves cutting and connecting the small stomach pouch to small intestine.

Who should undergo a stomach reduction surgery?
People are recommended to undergo weight loss surgery based on Body Mass Index ( BMI). BMI is nothing but a measure which tells how much fat is present in body against the height of an individual. US National health recommends the surgery for those who have BMI of 40 and above. People with BMI between 35 and 40 can also undergo the surgery if they are suffering from any other serious medical conditions. Though it is not yet clear but there are chances that the people with a minimum of 30 BMI with coexisting serious medical condition maybe allowed to undergo the surgery. Apart from BMI, People who are recommended this surgery have already undergone a diet and exercise regime but found it useless.

What are the types of stomach reduction surgery available today?
Till date there are a number of weight loss surgeries available. Following is a list of them
1) Biliopancreatic Diversion
2) Endoluminal sleeve
Vertical banded gastroplasty
Adjustable gastric band
Sleeve gastrectomy
Intragastric balloon (Gastric balloon)
Gastric Plication
Gastric bypass surgery
Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch
Implantable gastric stimulation

After a Weight Loss Surgery
A person BMI is reduce by 30 to 50% depending on the type of surgery used to reduce the stomach size. However some restrictions walk in, like a very strict diet. A person who has undergone this type of surgery should follow the recommended diet very strictly. Studies shows that the mortality rates have reduced a lot after weight loss surgery. It is also observed that there are certain complications which arise in some patients after weight loss surgery, depending upon the type of surgery.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Remedies for Gas Problem in Stomach

Flatulence, Bloating, Belching and abdominal pain are some of the problems one has to encounter when he or she is suffering from gas problems. We have also seen how precautions to be taken to stay away from stomach gas problem. Now lets see what are the home remedies to stay for gas problems in stomach i.e what actions one can take at home to stay away from gas problems.

Home Remedies for Gas Problem in Stomach

Exercise can lessen gas in the stomach.
It has been discovered in a study conducted by American Journal of Gastroenterology that moderate exercise will always keep you away from stomach gas problems. One should walk after a heavy meal for say 10 minutes or so. Walking should not be too fast, just a little lingering will do. Reason being the movement of the body helps in digestion. The study says that there was less intestinal gas left in those who had a exercise than compared to others. This is one of the reason why a 90% of people never experience gas problems during the day time. As during the day time the body performs a lot of physical activity which can be considered as a mild exercise.

Changing the way you sleep
Sometimes a change in sleeping position, sleeping place can also cause stomach gas problems. This is my personal experience, when I sleep on a flatter surface I experience almost no gas problem. But when I started to sleep on new 400$ bed it was an onset of gas problem for me as if I bought stomach gas problems for 400$. If I move back to earlier position then I can sense less gas problems in the morning. Though this is not true with everyone but I have came around a number of people who have faced the same issue. Changing sleeping position won't help you much with producing less gas but it aids in releasing the intestinal gas as the body is stretched.

Food That Can Help Digestion
Garlic soup, ginger root, coconut water, parsley herb, celery seeds, tomato salad, peppermint,
powdered cinnamon, basil leaf paste and fennel oil on your belly can relieve you of stomach gas. The items mentioned above aids in digestion and thus produce less gas. Above all they are readily available at home. One should not take all the items at once. Instead try the remedy which works the best for you.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Get Rid of Gas In Stomach

Now that we have already discussed about stomach gas problems and excessive flatulence, lets see how to get rid of gas in stomach. We wont be discussing the flatulence or burping as ways to get rid of gas in stomach, instead we will concentrate on how one can get rid of the gas in stomach once and for all.

Diet is the foremost thing one should strictly follow to get rid of gas in stomach.
Make a diary of what you eat.
Try to figure out which food causes more gas problems. It is not necessary that a particular food which can produce gas for one individual will produce gas for others. Once you have detected the food which causes problems for you avoid them completely.
Low Carbohydrate Diet
Carbohydrates are the main culprit to cause gas problem, as they are not easily digested compared to fats and proteins. Eat a low carbohydrate diet. High Fibers also aid the gas problems. One who suffers from stomach gas problems should avoid high fiber food as well.
Food to avoid
One should avoid milk and dairy products, fruits like apples, peaches, grapes, plums, pears and vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, peas, whole grains. One should also avoid carbonated drinks. Say no to beer. If you really want to take it, let the beer settle down after you open it. Let the bubbles go away for a while and then have the beer.
There are some over the counter medicines which are available and can be obtained without any prescription. These medicines can aid in digestion process. eg: beano, CharcoCaps.
Stop Eating Fast
If you are used to fast eating then please don't. As you eat fast you swallow more and more air, which leads to stomach gas problem. One should pay attention to take his dinner, lunch by properly chewing the food without hurrying up. Help your body to process the food faster by minimizing its effort in the processing of breaking the food.
Stop Smoking
Smoking, eating chewing gum are some of the habits which aid in maximum intake of air into the digestive system. Stop it totally. Besides there are other benefits to quit smoking. If you want to read some inspiring quit smoking stories read it here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Excessive Flatulence at Night

In the previous post we described about stomach gas problems. Flatulence is one of them. An overwhelming amount of people suffer from flatulence and almost all of them face the problem in the night or early in the morning. Excessive flatulence at night can be irritating to your partner if you are married. It can be more embarrassing when you are on a business trip with some professionals and need to share a room. ( Not always everyone will get a deluxe room unless a VP of a company ). There are cases where I have read about excessive flatulence at night becoming a reason for an unhealthy relationship between married couples. I know its humorous but if you want to see it yourself, click here to see some links which may make you laugh but then again give it a thought. Can Excessive flatulence really cause harm to a relationship? There are lot of people who ask for suggestion at least on a yahoo answers about this problem. Flatulence can be more unbearable to others if comes with odor. One should really take care of how to handle it.

Some Causes of Excessive Flatulence at Night
People complain that they don't face the problem during the day. But in the night the flatulence takes over and is worst in the morning. Some people have flatulence problem while they are sleeping but those who have early morning flatulence actually does not allow anything to pass in the night. Hence it is the first thing the body does when they wake up as a process of releasing the gas was accumulated in the night. If you dig dipper there is no such medical condition where a person is flatulent only in the sleep.

We know the fact that meals take 3 to 4 hours to get processed by the body and then they come to intestine. So breakfast, lunch which we take during the day are reaching the end of digestion process during the night. Add dinner to it. And the body has no other work in the night than to process the food. The flatulence also depends upon the bowel movement. If one is having stool which is ready to be passed by the body, then it is evident that until the person has a bowel movement flatulence can take over.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hair Regrowth after Chemotherapy

A lot of patient these days who have hair fall related problem are turning towards homeopathy. Homeopathy treatment can suit people of all ages. There is always a need for people in the age group of 30 to 40 to get a complete health checkup. Some tests which are included when we talk about complete body checkup is ESR, Routine haemogram, calcium density and mammography.
Anemia, PCOD, Thyroid disorder, high blood pressure, acidity, breast cancer are some of the disorders in which a person looses a lot of hair.

A person suffering from breast cancer feels like they have a muscle ball on the chest. Feeling warm, a slight pain, swelling, feeling heavy and pains are some of the symptoms which can raise an alarm towards breast cancer. The treatment which is chemotherapy or Radiotherapy for such diseases can result in hair loss in huge quantity. Hair Loss is termed as huge when it becomes impossible to count the fallen hair. This finally result in complete baldness.

Some doctors in homeopathy claim that they have a solution to this. By using the blister packaged homeopathic medicines the doctors say they can regrow the lost hair naturally. The treatment helps in regularised menstrual cycle, keeping blood pressure normal, controlling the hemoglobin levels, acidity, stress and also taking care that the women will never face the problem again. Modern blister pack homeopathy helps the patient to take the required dose and also helps in maintaining effectiveness, purity of the medicine.

Note: The points mentioned in this article are researched online, not practically.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stomach Gas Problems

Almost everyone in this world suffers from the stomach gas problems. People wrongly consider the process of passing gas through rectum to be some type of disorder or stomach gas problem. But if it really is a problem, should be given a thought once you read further.It is normal to pass gas 13-14 times a day as our body produces 1 to 3 pints of stomach gas daily. Normally gas produced is odorless as it contains mainly oxygen, carbon di oxide, hydrogen and nitrogen. However the bad odor which sometimes can be more embarassing than the sound comes because of the bacteria in the large intestine which release sulfur. Methane is also one of the contents of the stomach gas but it is not found in everyone. It is not yet clear why some of the people can produce methane and some not. Either case this is not considered to be a problem.


There are two basic causes said to cause air in the digestive tract.
a) Habit
Each one of us have different habits which directly or indirectly lead to swallow more or less air. Smoking, eating fast, chewing gum are some of them. The basic behind this is the more gas you let into your body the more you will come to read about stomach gas problems.
b) Processing of Undigested Food
Some of the carbohydrates which can be categorized into sugars, fibers are not fully digested by our body. While trying to break the undigested food the bacteria in the intestine produces hydrogen, carbondioxide and methane. This gas is later let out through the rectum.


a) Changing the habits
Stop smoking which lets in the warm smoke from the nicotine in your body. Some people tend to eat too fast. This lets in more than normal air in the mouth which is swallowed along the food. So please take your time at the dinner table. Eat slowly, chew properly. Habit of eating chewing gums every now and then is also not suggested.
b) Help Digestion Process
Help your own digestive system by chewing your bytes as many times as possible when you eat. Make the food finer and the digestive system will run much smoother producing less stomach gas.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yellow Jaundice

Jaundice is a common disease in which the skin turns yellow in color. Hence sometimes it is referred as yellow jaundice by novice. Sometimes a Jaundice patient also has somewhat yellowish eyes. It is also called as ecterus in english. Yellow Jaundice itself is not a diseases, instead suggest that something is wrong with liver or the gallbladder.

Cause of Yellow Jaundice

Yellow Jaundice is caused by excess presence of bilirubin pigment in the blood of an individual. Bilirubin is converted into bile in the liver which further aids in digestion. However, if the process of conversion slows down then the excess bilirubin pigment gets deposited under the skin , eye thus changing the color to yellow. As said earlier jaundice is a condition rather than a disease and can be caused because of cirrhosis, hepatitis, tumors of kidney or gallbladder and gallstones. Bad habits or addicts to smoke, drugs or alcohol are also prone to Jaundice.

Symptoms of Yellow Jaundice

The foremost symptom is yellow color of the skin or the white part of the eye i.e. the sclera of the eye. Stool color turns white. The skin might turn itchy. The nails, teeth color might change to yellow or brown. Urine color goes brown. Fever, bad breathe, cramps, live pain may also accompany Jaundice.

Diet during Yellow Jaundice

Jaundice when taken proper care can cure itself. A friend who was recently suffering from Jaundice was advised by his doctor to follow a strict diet of milk, rice and only fruits. He was rightly suggested so because this is light food, not too heavy for the body to digest. Non-Veg, Junk Food, salt, oily food should be totally avoided. The body needs to produce more bile to digest these heavy substance and hence can be harmful during Jaundice. The above die can be followed till the 5th day of the jaundice infection or till the skin color returns to normal.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Irritated Eyes

Seen a Colleague yesterday who was having severe irritation in the eyes. The irritation was very annoying as I saw him squeezing his eyes for some time. He is kind of a professional and will never do any thing of that sort when at work. So curiously I asked if there was any problem? Irritated eyes was the prompt reply!!! Many people complain about irritated eyes after swimming in the sea, during pregnancy, allergies, wearing contact lenses and people who spend a lot of time on computers. Lets see what might be the possible reason for the irritation in the eyes.

Irritated Eyes due to Contact Lenses: This happened with me one time. It is very much necessary change the contact lense solution every alternate day to keep the contact lenses free of dust and hygienic. Before using the lenses it is essential to clean them with the lens clean solution. The eye is one of the most sensitive part of the human body and any foreign particle introduction can easily cause irritation of the eyes.
Tip: Clean the contact lens before and after use. One should also have a backup glasses so that the eye heals faster and one can avoid the use if contact lenses till then.

Irritated Eyes After Swimming: Swimming pool are regularly sprinkled with chlorine which makes the water clear. This chlorine is responsible for irritation in eyes in most cases. The same is true when one goes swimming in the sea or gets a little beach joy.
Tip: Try to wear goggles while swimming.

Irritated Eyes During Pregnancy: The hormonal changes during pregnancy can result into irritation of eyes. Some doctors suggest that some of the eye drops can also restrict the blood vessels and cause more irritation. This is mostly a temporary problem and will go away when the baby comes.

Irritated Eyes from Computers: C.E.I or C.V.S termed as Computer eye irritation or computer vision syndrome respectively by the ophthalmologist are the conditions in people who are lot more dependent on computers for their day to day work. The bright light of the computer is responsible for the irritation in the eyes.
Tip: Use a UV protector screen for the computer screen.

Facts: 20% of US population are allergic.

Common Cold

Cold is very common in children as well as old people. As one can get cold easily one always tries to avoid them and looks for preventive measures. Sometimes common cold can get us into critical condition and can stay with a person if not treated. Cold and cough are considered to be common sickness in the human race.

Cause of Common Cold
Though one can get cold because of a variety of viruses, Rhinovisus is one of the main reason of common cold. Still till date we dont have any specific solution to solve the problem of common cold. These types of virus are responsible for repeatedly attacking our body. Common cold is a contagiouse disease and people are infected via the virus getting inside a human body via mouth, nose and the ears.

Treatment of Common Cold

Taking hot steam through our nose can control cold for sometime.
Cold is contagious disease and there is only one precaution to stay away from cold. The precaution is to stay clean and maintain the good habit of keeping our surrounding hygienic.
If you are attacked by common cold in all seasons of the year then please visit a ear, nose and throat specialist to diagnose before the common cold becomes a headache for you.

Symptoms of Common Cold

Some symptoms of common cold which can be seen on the body are
1) Sneezing
2) Heavy Head
3) Body feels heavy than usual
4) Creepy sensation ( hair strands ).
5) Burning nose
6) Low Voice

Alternate Precautions to avoid Common Cold

1) Try to live in a area where there is not much wind.
2) One should keep himself/herself warm.
3) Gargle frequently.
4) One should easy to digest and light food.
5) Include salt and sour liquid ingredients in your diet.
6) Try to drink warm water.
7) While sneezing one should always use a handkerchief.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heavy Painful Periods

Do you suffer from heavy painful periods? On the onset of the periods ( Menarche ) it is common for a female to be in pain, as the female is having the period for the first time. However moving further if the female complains of heavy painful periods then one should not ignore it. Take the person seriously. Ask them how serious it is. What is the difference between period pain that she might be suffering from that to others. Don't tell the person with heavy painful periods that she is overreacting. Instead try to analyze her situation. There are situations where pain killers also stand of no use to the people who suffer from heavy painful periods. The pains can differ from abdominal pain, back pain and cramps.

Basically the heavy painful periods are categorized into two different types
1) Primary dysmenorrhea: This stage is said to be in the early period stages that is the Menarche and is not related to any of the uterine disorder instead is considered to be caused by the increased amount of the prostaglandin hormone.

2) Secondary dysmenarrhea: This pain can been later when the periods are more regular. Secondary dysmenarrhea are the heavy painful periods which might be related to some of the uterus or pelvic disorders. Hence one should consult the gynecologist to get themselves assured that they are not suffering from the below disorders
Endometriosis: This is a condition in which uterus cells tend to grow outside the uterus walls like on the ovaries. This might lead to extreme pain, bleeding and infertility.
Fibroids: Fribroids are the non cancerous swellings which appears on the uterine connecting tissues and causes heavy painful periods. Fibroids is mostly found with women of 30 to 40 age group.
Ovarian Cyst is also one of the cause for heavy painful periods.

Note: Please consult your doctor before running to any conclusion after reading the content of this site or any other.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Painkillers and Pregnancy

Those who are going to be first time parents hear a lot about care to be taken during pregnancy. Some have specific questions related to painkillers and pregnancy. We will try to address all those issues in this post.

What are the effects that painkillers can have on the baby?
Painkillers when taken by pregnant woman might result in improper development of the sexual organs of the unborn baby boy which leads to infertility in male child. Studies show that testicular cancer in the after life and undescended testes are some of the effects of taking painkillers. In the last decades the male reproductive disorders are increasing and it is believed that painkillers is one of the factors behind it. Mild painkillers can also act as hormone disruptor s, which effects in the above mentioned results. Some times it is found that regular use of pain killers also lead to miscarriage, early, prolonged or delayed labor, bleeding during the labor, increased contractions which might reduce the blood supply to the unborn child.

What painkillers are safe during the pregnancy?
There are painkillers which are considered to be safe during pregnancy. However the trimester period during which painkillers can be consumed vary depending upon the actual painkiller. Paracetamol is considered to be one of the safest painkiller amongst all. But should be taken only with the suggestion of the doc. Further Painkillers are categorized according to their contents in Acetaminophen and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Acetaminophen is one of the researched and proven painkiller by scientist which can be used during any trimester of the pregnancy. Some NSAID's like Ibuprofen and naproxen are considered to be safe during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.

What painkillers are not safe during the pregnancy?
Woman tend to take different type of pain killers and those who do this during their pregnancy have 7 times more chances of affecting the child. Taking painkiller like Paracetamol during 4 and 6 months of pregnancy increases the risk by almost double as woman's are more vulnerable during this time. Some painkillers like aspirin or ibuprofen are said to increase the risk by 4 times. Using two of the painkillers increases the risk 16 times. Basically, all the painkillers should be avoided in the later stages of pregnancy.

Is it a problem if I take painkiller during the days when I consume?
Some people have the knowledge that painkillers are not good for pregnant woman. But due to regular late periods some woman might be unknown to the fact that they are pregnant and might take some painkillers to relieve themselves of pain.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Health Benefits of Basil

Basil is one of the most common plant in India and across Asia. Health Benefits of Basil are carved deep down in the Ayurveda spanning from diabetes, heart diseases to common cold. If we go by the botanical name of the plant then it is Ocimum Sanctum. Below are some of the health benefits of Basil plant

a) Anabolic : The overall growth of the body muscles and tissues is termed as anabolism and Basil (Tulsi) is studied to benefit because of its anabolic property .
b) Hypoglycemic: Studies show that blood glucose level can be reduced to 17% before meal and 7% after meal in a diabetic patient as compared to a normal placebo treatment. This anti diabetic effect is possible because of the hypoglycemic property of Basil plant.
c) Blood Pressure: Basil plant leaves can keep the blood pressure in control. One can take basil leafs in combination with some sweet ingredients twice a day, empty stomach in the morning and then while going to bed. This practice will always keep your blood pressure in control as compared to others.
d) Anti fertility: It is proven with experiment on rats that ursolic acid which is one of the major constituent of the basil leaf possess an anti fertility property. Basil has the capability to free the locking of the spermatogenesis ( which is process of formation of sperms in males ) and
inhibitory effect of female fertilization process.
e) Adaptogenic: Extracts from the Basil plant are found to reduce stress thus giving the plant an antidepressant property. It is said to be one of the ancient habit where chewing about 12 leaves of the basil plant twice a day will relieve you of stress. To make it more effective one can take it in tea.
f) Ancient practices: Ancient practices show that the basil ( tulsi ) paste is applied to the fingers and toes on the nails during fever. Boiling the tulsi and then using the liquid as mouth wash to get rid of tooth ache is also one of the ancient practices. Juiced leaves of basil (tulsi ) are also applied to mosquito bites, burns, cuts or wounds. It is also applied to the scalp to treat the lice problem.

Health Tip: Never Drink milk after eating Basil ( Tulsi ).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Buy Aloe Vera Plant

Last time I posted about the health benefits of Aloe Vera Pulp. Some people also seem to be interested in buying aloe vera plant. I too have it at my home. Lets see where one can buy Aloe Vera Plant which is a fast growing watery plant.

Tips to Buy Aloe Vera Plant in United States : Almost all the nursery, greenhouses, Wallmart, Kmart and some of the home improvement stores have this plant for sale. Their buy price ranges from $1.5 to $3, depending on the size of the aloe vera plant. Some other stores where one can buy aloe vera plant are Home Depot and Lowe's. Contradictory to what is read that one should not buy plants from Kmart or Wallmart, people say that the aloe vera plant they bought from these stores remained in good shape for a very long time.

Tips to Buy Aloe Vera Plant in UK : Homebase, B&Q, Aldi, IKEA are some of the aloe vera buy places in UK. Look for the house plant section in the stores.

Tips to Buy Aloe Vera Plant in India : Nursery's are the main source to buy an aloe vera plant in India. Besides almost every other neighbor who has a garden will have aloe vera planted and one can get it from them as well.

General Tips for everyone around the world: If your friend or a neighbor has the aloe vera plant. Get a full leaf of the aloe vera plant with some root and plant it. Give some time, water and sunshine for the plant to grow and you have got it. Aloe Vera plant can also be grown from the offshoots which can be found at the base of the aloe vera plant. Aloe Vera plant needs a little care. Not much water, a well drained soil and warm climate are some optimum conditions to grow a aloe vera plant. One can also buy aloe vera plan online like ebay, amazon. At the time of this post I saw an auction on ebay which read 100 aloe vera plants for 370$. The bid was still on. Another auction read a single plant costed around 5$. Please check the size of the plant before buying. It is also preferred that you buy a specific Aloe Vera pant variety which is named as Barbedensis Miller.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Pulp

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Pulp

Aloe Vera is an herb whose health benefit is not constrained to one part of a body, rather it can be used to benefit our whole body. Some of the body parts that can be considered to take health benefits of aloe vera span from hair and skin to nails. Health benefits of Aloe Vera seems to be discovered in the past as evidences show that our grand parents and their ancestors also used this plant.Aloe Vera leaves are fresh green in color and if you have seen the plant the leaves are longer and watery. If you try to squeeze the leaves a clear green shady pulp comes out which is called as the aloe vera pulp

.This pulp is used to make lots of effective beauty creams and health related medicines. Do you have dandruff, do you want to improve your skin shine? Well aloe vera pulp is the answer. 

  • Aloe Vera pulp is used to remove dandruff .Not only this as it also makes the hair soft and shiny. If  aloe vera pulp is applied to the skin, the skin remains fresh and glows for a longer time.
  • The aloe vera pulp protects the skin from strong sun rays and hence can be used as a UV protector to avoid tanning of the skin.
  •  Aloe Vera pulp can be applied to remove burn marks and wound spots. Lot of people has one or the  other  spots on their body of such type and would love to get rid of them. Aloe Pulp comes to rescue!!.
  • Cleansing of stomach is faster with a tea spoon of Aloe Vera pulp with some honey.