Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surgery To Reduce Stomach Size

Everyone wants to get rid of the stomach flab and settle their tummy flat. Some wish to reduce stomach size for looks but in some seriously obese people it is a compulsion. This is because of the various health complications that obese people face. There are diet routines easily available at the nutritionist and exercise routines which even a normal gym instructor can help you out with to reduce your stomach size. But do you know there is another way, one can even do a surgery to reduce stomach size.

How exactly is stomach size reduced using a surgery?

Weight loss Surgery is classified into 3 different types based upon the process involved in the surgery. Any one of the following three ways is used during the surgery. First is the implantation of a medical equipment ( device ) into the stomach. Second method is by cutting out or removal of part of stomach. The last method uses a process to create a smaller stomach pouch and involves cutting and connecting the small stomach pouch to small intestine.

Who should undergo a stomach reduction surgery?
People are recommended to undergo weight loss surgery based on Body Mass Index ( BMI). BMI is nothing but a measure which tells how much fat is present in body against the height of an individual. US National health recommends the surgery for those who have BMI of 40 and above. People with BMI between 35 and 40 can also undergo the surgery if they are suffering from any other serious medical conditions. Though it is not yet clear but there are chances that the people with a minimum of 30 BMI with coexisting serious medical condition maybe allowed to undergo the surgery. Apart from BMI, People who are recommended this surgery have already undergone a diet and exercise regime but found it useless.

What are the types of stomach reduction surgery available today?
Till date there are a number of weight loss surgeries available. Following is a list of them
1) Biliopancreatic Diversion
2) Endoluminal sleeve
Vertical banded gastroplasty
Adjustable gastric band
Sleeve gastrectomy
Intragastric balloon (Gastric balloon)
Gastric Plication
Gastric bypass surgery
Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch
Implantable gastric stimulation

After a Weight Loss Surgery
A person BMI is reduce by 30 to 50% depending on the type of surgery used to reduce the stomach size. However some restrictions walk in, like a very strict diet. A person who has undergone this type of surgery should follow the recommended diet very strictly. Studies shows that the mortality rates have reduced a lot after weight loss surgery. It is also observed that there are certain complications which arise in some patients after weight loss surgery, depending upon the type of surgery.


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