Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Excessive Flatulence at Night

In the previous post we described about stomach gas problems. Flatulence is one of them. An overwhelming amount of people suffer from flatulence and almost all of them face the problem in the night or early in the morning. Excessive flatulence at night can be irritating to your partner if you are married. It can be more embarrassing when you are on a business trip with some professionals and need to share a room. ( Not always everyone will get a deluxe room unless a VP of a company ). There are cases where I have read about excessive flatulence at night becoming a reason for an unhealthy relationship between married couples. I know its humorous but if you want to see it yourself, click here to see some links which may make you laugh but then again give it a thought. Can Excessive flatulence really cause harm to a relationship? There are lot of people who ask for suggestion at least on a yahoo answers about this problem. Flatulence can be more unbearable to others if comes with odor. One should really take care of how to handle it.

Some Causes of Excessive Flatulence at Night
People complain that they don't face the problem during the day. But in the night the flatulence takes over and is worst in the morning. Some people have flatulence problem while they are sleeping but those who have early morning flatulence actually does not allow anything to pass in the night. Hence it is the first thing the body does when they wake up as a process of releasing the gas was accumulated in the night. If you dig dipper there is no such medical condition where a person is flatulent only in the sleep.

We know the fact that meals take 3 to 4 hours to get processed by the body and then they come to intestine. So breakfast, lunch which we take during the day are reaching the end of digestion process during the night. Add dinner to it. And the body has no other work in the night than to process the food. The flatulence also depends upon the bowel movement. If one is having stool which is ready to be passed by the body, then it is evident that until the person has a bowel movement flatulence can take over.

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