Friday, December 28, 2007

How To Avoid FLU

How to avoid Flu? Flu, the most common way in which one gets sick. How can we avoid it? Here follows the tips to avoid flu.
a) Eat more vegetables : Body's immune system is the fighting mechanism agains the infections. So one should eat dark green, yellow, red vegetables and fruits to provide body with required vitamins, antioxidants and beta carotine.
b) Regular Exercise : Jogging or walking helps you boost your immune system.
c) Get required sleep : A sleep of 7 - 8 hours for adults, 9 hours for teens and more than 10 to 12 hours for kids is recommended.
d) Minimize Stress : Stress is one of the reason where your immune system works to the lowest of your ability. Try not to be stressed, learn to relax.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chart of Food Ingredients and Benefits

It has been some time, I have been reading some articles and came across a great one which enlists some of the mineral and vitamin provider chart. I am listing the chart for your use below.

ItemProvidesHow muchBenefit
  • Vitamin B,
  • Calcium
2 cups/day
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Reduces Diarrhoea
  • Vitamin A, C and E
  • Minerals. Phytonutrients
  • Carotenoids
2 cups/dayReduces the risk of
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke and Cataracts
  • Vitamin C
  • Carotenoids, Minerals
3 oranges/week
  • Increases Immunity
  • Reduces the risk of cancer, prevents stroke
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
2 or 3 times/week
  • Brain Development
  • Regulating cellular harmones
  • Antioxidants
4 cups(cooked)/week
  • Control blood glucose level
Ash Gourd
  • ----
100 gm/day
  • Must ingredient for diabetic and obese people
  • Healing ulcer

Bedroom and Health

We always try making our bedroom look good by using modern bedroom furniture, furniture sets and decorate our kids bedroom. But here are some beliefs about bed and our health.
Bedroom is one of the most important room of a house where we spend most of our time. So it is important to be known about the beliefs related to bed and health. It has been thought of for a long time that the bed holds the energy of the person who has slept on it and can be passed to a person who sleeps on it after.

So it is important to place your bed in a power position! Power Position? What does it mean. Power position of the bed is related to the location of door and bed.

1) Your bed should be placed at such a position that it should have a clear view of the door.
Belief : It will keep you safe from unwanted surprises.
2) Generally bed should be placed diagonally opposite to door.
Belief: The more of the room you can see, the more control over the life you feel.
3) The bed should not be placed so that the bedroom door and the bed are in line.
Belief: Energy coming through door can cause bad health or even split relationship. Never let your bed position to be such that your foot points towards the door. This is considered as the worst case.

So when would be it ideal to buy a new bed and start fresh with new energy, leaving behind the old one? If one of your bed mates have been ill, or you are moving to a new house or you want to start a new relationship is the answer.

Tips: Never buy a second hand bed as it will possess the energy of all the previous sleepers.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gem Stones And Their Healing Power

Recently, I ran into an article stating the power of gems/gem stones. I would like to place an extract in my own words. For long time people have always believed in the healing power of Gems. Even today astrologers or numerologists are very much in favor of miraculous results of gems. Saphire gems and Ruby gems are the most known of this lot. Here are some of the beliefs of specific gems.

Ruby Gem Stone
  • Improves general stamina, immunity power.
  • Helps in blood related diseases.
  • Strenghtens heart.
  • It is also said that ruby wearer has tremendous power to fight any health problem.
  • Stengthens mental faculties.
  • Calms emotions.
  • Increase peace of mind.
  • A big sized pearl is believed to help with menstrual disorders.
  • A perl with a red coral works against piles.
Yellow Saphire
  • Yellow saphire worn in combination with red coral helps combat arthritis, diabetes and gout (rheumatism).
  • If worn along with an emerald and a blue sapphire it helps control high blood pressure.
  • If worn along with emerald and a moonstone it helps deal with insomnia and typhoid.

  • Averts stomach ailments.
  • If worn with red coral helps those with constipation problems.

  • Improves memory, communication, intuition.
  • Sharpens the intellect and ability to learn.
  • Best gem for eyes and nervous system.
  • When wore in combination with a red coral, reduces chances of miscarriages and paralysis.
  • Improves sexual power.
  • If worn with red coral helps with impotency.

Blue Saphire
  • Helps combat asthma

Red Coral

  • Helps in curing skin related diseases.
  • If worn with Moonstone helps with hysteria.
  • A white coral with an emerald protects from leucoderma.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quit Smoking - Inspiring Stories

I had a session today on quit smoking and came across the following real life stories.

The guy who took the session had been smoking for last 22 years and suddenly one day he left smoking why? It happened. He and his daughter were watching TV and the serial running on TV was showing how the father of the fiancee takes her daughter to the altar and suddenly her 7 year daughter asks him to practice it with him. Only one thing started rolling in this man’s mind, “Will I make it till her wedding ”. Will a man smoking 30+ cigarettes a day for 22 years make it till the wedding of his daughter and he left smoking at that very moment.

Another experience came from delivery manager of the company I work for. His sister and brother in law Amit who stayed in Australia had a happy going life. Amit was a chronic smoker for almost 26 years. But after marriage it was 10 long years and still the couple was unable to conceive. So they thought of adopting. They went through all the hassles of Australian and Indian law to adopt a child from Bombay orphanage to take her to Australia. The Adoption cost was soaring and in the end when in Australia the medical checkup revealed that the adopted baby girl had a hole in the heart. There was always a option of changing the child. But Amit was so shocked with the incidence of a 3 year old baby having a hole on heart. He decided to adopt the child and take care of her in all terms, of which quitting the smoking was genuine part for his memory rolled in future for "if something happens to him what would be happen to the baby girl and his sweet wife whom he loved so much".

I myself had tried to quit smoking a couple of times but failed after 45 days of no cigarette. In my case it happened that I was told by one of my senior that "If you can't control smoking how can you ever have control of your life" When I thought this sentence had a much deeper meaning in it. After that I was determined to leave the white two inch thing. Unfortunately after 45 days a situation came where nothing was under control and I was a looser again.

I would like to suggest don't wait for a incidence to happen in your life. Please quit smoking now.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hair Loss Related To Anaemia

There are a lot of medical problems that are signaled by hair loss, and anaemia can be one of the culprit if a person is loosing hair at an alarming rate. However this post will concentrate on hair loss related to anaemia.

What is Anaemia? A Condition caused by less number of RBC's (Red Blood Cells) or insufficient haemoglobin which eventually results in less oxygen and energy in body.

Type of Anaemia related to hair loss

1) Iron Deficiency Anaemia
causes rapid hair loss, change of hair colour to a lighter shade and overall dryness of hair. Hair loss is triggered by both less and well as excess quantity of irons.
Causes of Iron Deficiency: Vitamin C deficiency, consuming caffeine rich coffee and tea, alcohol abuse.
Iron Sources: Rice , bread, broccoli and beans

2) Copper Deficiency Anaemia: Copper is important in formation of melanin pigment which is important in giving the hair, its colour. Thus it affects the hair colour when it is insufficient.
Copper Sources: Mushrooms, grains, nuts , beans.

3) Pernicious Anaemia (B12 deficieny) causes rapid hair loss, hair colour shade changes, dryness of hair with diffuse hair loss.
B12 Sources: Dairy products, yeast extracts.

If anyone feels the texture of one's hair is changing or hair loss at excessive rate. It is necessary to get in touch with a trichologist.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jogging Tips

Have you ever wondered what a smog can affect you while jogging? Or is it that you just go out and fulfill your wish to jog with your jogging suit and jogging shoes on. This post will concentrate on smog effects and general jogging tips.

What is Smog? Smog is a combination of fog and smoke. Dictionary says it is a haizy air that causes difficult breathing conditions. Gases from the burnt fuel react with fine particles in air along with heat and sunlight. Smog can cause rickets as it greatly reduces the Vitamin D levels in the surroundings.

Jogging Tips:

1) Don't jog in haizy air. Instead you can use your jogging nike shoes to run in a gym on a trade mill. You can substitute jogging in open to indoor jogging if it's smog out there as it causes difficult breathing conditions.
2) Always remember to stretch your body before and after jogging. In winter especially it is important since it takes some more time compared to summers for the body to warm up. Push ups, sit ups, stair case and jumping jacks can do the tricks if you regulate them in your schedule.
3) Breathing through nose is another important part of jogging. Your nose maintains the balance between oxygen and carbon di oxide with the help of cilia and mucos membranes which are a barriers for unwanted air particles. If one breathes through mouth, he/she just compromises this process which can't be termed as healthy.
4) Always wear bright colors while jogging and stay hydrated.
5) It is also important to wear proper jogging shoes to avoid ankle injuries. One should go branded shoes which will be capable of absorbing shocks and provide a cushion around.
6) Never jog on an uneven surface or a slope. If you do, there are chances that you might get injury.
7) Don't start jogging all off a sudden. Start walking faster and then get going. This is enable your body to prepare itself for the exertion.
8) Quit smoking as it decreases the stamina.
9) Take a Walkman with you while jogging. Music helps to get you in rhythm and cools your mind.
10) Consult a doctor if after jogging you feel strain/pain in certain part of your body for a longer time.
11) Overweight people should consult doctors before starting their jogging exercise to determine how much stress they can bare.

You can find more running and jogging tips at Runner's Resource

Friday, December 7, 2007

Break The Fast - Breakfast diet

Proteins are the most necessary ingredient of diet and especially required when one is having his breakfast. Therefore a morning dose of skimmed or low-fat milk or yoghurt will give your breakfast a protein boost. A boiled egg, the egg white especially can do wonders to the protein level in body. A lot of people also feel that yoghurt is one of the satisfying snack option which also helps you to manage weight.

Fibre is another important diet entity. Fibre plays a pivotal role in slowing down the rate at which food travel through the digestive system, which helps one from being hungry for a long time. Fibre take up space in your belly but doesn't add too much calories to it. So if you are looking for fibre start your day with bowl of oatmeal, if not you can have whole grain cereal topped with fruit.

So your breakfast must constitute atleast of Milk, Yoghurt, Oatmeal, Whole Grain Cereal, a Fruit and you can consider yourself to be having a healthy breakfast food. I hope this post helps all the bed breakfast lovers to eat healthy.

Hello all you healthy freaks.

I am starting this blog with only one thing in mind "Lets make the world healthy". Everyone must know what to eat, when to eat, what exercise is important to a person, when it is important and almost everything related to health and diet.