Sunday, June 29, 2008

High Blood Pressure In Children

How is High Blood Pressure measured?
First let me make aware of what exactly is hight blood pressure? In an normal adult human being, the systolic blood pressure is 140 and while diastolic blood pressure is 90. Anything above the mentioned two values is termed as high blood pressure. In children there are no such upper and lower limits. Instead the blood pressure in children is termed high or low by comparing them with the children of same age, sex and height and is measured in percentiles.

High Blood Pressure in Children Stays Through Adulthood
High blood pressure in childhood can hunt you through the adulthood. Some American researchers are of the opinion, it's better to control the high blood pressure in children at an early stage. Some experts have evaluated results of more than 50 researches ( conducted after 1970 ) to conclude if the high blood pressure stays through out the adulthood! And it was found that the children who had high blood pressure as compared to age, sex and height of others, did continued with having high blood pressure in adulthood. As a result a circular was passed to detect the high blood pressure in children at an early stage and treat it.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waist Exercie - Side Bending

Waist Exercise is very much important in long run of life. Here we are going to see stepwise breakup of doing side bending, one of the waist exercise.

Step 1. Take a gap of one should between your feet and stand erect.
Step 2. Pull your stomach inside and hold your left hand loosely behind your head.
Step 3. Then try to bend from the right side trying to take the right hand as down as possible.
Step 4. Stay in the maximum bend position for 2 seconds and then come back to the normal position following the steps in the reverse order.

Tips for Waist Exercise - Side Bending

Tip 1. While bending to the right side try and concentrate on the left side and vice-versa.
Tip 2. If you want to increase the intensity of this exercise, one can always take a dumbbell in the bending side hand.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Secondary Health Benefits of Walking

Today we will discuss some health benefits of walking. Now you might consider what I mean by secondary health benefits. It's true that walking has proved beneficial to health by physically improving the person. But there is also another part to it. It also helps a person to arrange himself. It supports your emotional and spiritual being. A person walking regularly feels more happy and relaxed. Walking provides you with the required inner peace. Walking is a way for you to slow down, relax yourself and your life as well. What walking can do is make you breathe deeply, it can calm your thoughts and let you wonder about the natural world and to love yourself.

How can one plan a walk.

Mark your calendar for the date that you have decided to walk for the above reasons and to relax yourself. Just decide on the place which is close to you. If you are a nature lover, you can choose some park close to your house or some hill or mountain. The reason to stay close to your house is to spend minimum time in driving and maximum while walking. One can set his own walking target, say if one can walk 2 miles a day he can walk at a slow pace for 4 miles. So target those 4 miles. Walking will help you to get away from the demands at work, home and family. Get ready to walk with the suitable clothes, if it's warm wear a hat and your sunglasses for the privacy you need.

Get up early on the day of walking and try some stretching and relaxing exercise, which will help your body to become more flexible and less achy. To get yourself in different frame of mind try out reading something relaxing. After taking a health breakfast and drinking sufficient water head towards your goal of walking. The walk of life.

Some extra tips to consider about walking
  1. Choose some green zones to walk into. As you will be able to get sufficient amount of fresh oxygen into your system.
  2. Enjoy the cool breeze around and you will start loving it and unknowingly you are gonna get addicted to it.

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