Saturday, January 19, 2008

Herbal Juice

The taste of fruits and vegetables from the nature seems to be overshadowed in the glamorous setting of the food centers these days. Our body desperately needs vitamins and minerals along with enzymes to keep fit. Herbal juices have no alternative to level the reducing enzymes with the age. Herbal juice is the best healthy drink.

The place where I go jogging was distributing a brochure, which had importance of different types of herbal juices. I will present it without any changes to the brochure.

1) Herbal Neem Juice : Effective in diabetes, skin diseases, purifies blood and reduces heat and pimples.
2) Herbal Bitter Gourd Juice : Its amazing quality reduces the blood sugar level. The bitter juice is very effective with lemonade in curing many ailments such as whitening of hair, jaundice, increased fat, skin diseases, urinal diseases and many other. Regular consumption of this juice cures leucoderma and psoriasis.
3) Herbal Basil And Menthol Juice : Improves digestion, nervous system and helps in improving conditions in case of fever, cough, asthma, colitis, kidney functions, cholesterol levels, improves memory and effective in skin diseases.
4) Herbal Lemon Juice : Herbal lemon juice is effective in digestion, cold, cough, heart diseases, stomach diseases, swelling, urinal ailments, jaundice, piles, asthma, dropsy, etc.
5) Herbal Ginger Juice : Functions similar to lemon juice.
6) Herbal Amla Juice : Improves hair quality, eyesight, healthy, improves blood, effective against oral diseases, anaemia, arthritis, gum problems, recurring cold, cough, tonsils, urinal diseases, infertility, blood problems, jaundice, asthma, T.B., memory problems, old age problems, etc.
7) Herbal Kokam Juice : Effective for acidity, high quality thirst quencher, good for heart, effective in heat and cures diarrhea.
8) Herbal Carrot Juice : Beta Carotene's treasure, improves resistance power. Improves eye health, controls the oral and lungs cancer. Kids should consume this juice as it has iron and calcium.
9 ) Herbal Beetroot Juice : Enriched food, improves and calms blood, good appetizer by improving digestion. It increases power and enthusiasm.
10) Herbal Jamun Juice : Effective for burns, acidity and improves urinal flow, level diseases, diabetes, anaemia, spleen problems, burns in arethra, etc.
11) Herbal Bel Leaf Juice : Effective in urine stone, arthritis, joint pains and for diabetes upto some extent.
12) Herbal Gourd Juice : Best for heart, blood circulation and cholesterol control.

If you know of any other juice, it's benefits do post a comment on it.

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